Hometown Farmer: Dakota City Fish Farm

They're not growing a typical Nebraska crop at Cardinal Farms in Dakota City.

In a long, low building filled with green tanks, Doug Garwood's pretty excited about his company's latest catch.

"We're about half capacity right now," said Garwood. "We'll add about 12,000 fish each month." They're called Barramundi, they're a type of Australian Sea Bass.

Doug says they taste pretty great any way you want to cook'em."Broiling, deep frying, grilling, they'll work well on the grill," said Garwood.

The fish are born in Australia, they make a quick stop at a facility in Webster City, Iowa, then they come to Dakota City.

"We'll have 72,000 fish at any given time here," said Garwood.

Doug's crew will grow'em for about six months until they're about two pounds.

The fish farm broke ground in May 2013, but one of the hardest parts of getting started was what came next: getting permits and insurance to raise fish in Nebraska.

"They've had no experience, they really don't know what you're talking about when you first start talking to them," said Garwood.

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