Hometown Farmer: DEMCO

When you think manufacturing, you might want to think of small town Boyden, Iowa.

DEMCO was started in 1964 by Robert Dethmers, branching out from an Allis-Chalmers dealership to manufacturing.

It was a simple beginning making simple pieces of equipment.

"A hand clutch for an Allis tractor, there were fertilizer tanks for the top of tractors, there were fertilizer shoes, there was some fuel tanks that came later, but very small items," said Kevin TenHaken, DEMCO Executive Vice President.

But now it's easy to see that the company's grown, with around 300 employees in a town of 700.

Even though the company's branched out beyond just agricultural equipment now, making the stuff farmers need, like grain handling equipment, is still a big focus of this business.

The workers at DEMCO can take raw materials and mold them just about any way they see fit.

All of which adds up to why this Siouxland success story won the Iowa Farm Bureau's Renew Rural Iowa Entrepreneur Award in September.

But Kevin says it's faith and the employees, the family that holds the business together, that has made DEMCO such a success.

"This company is family and the people that work here are certainly a part of that, too," said TenHaken.

Next year the company will celebrate it's 50th anniversary. They plan to tie that in with the town of Boyden's 125th anniversary celebration.

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