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HTF - Farm Management Specialist

If you are a farmer with questions about anything from crops to livestock, maybe Gary Wright can help you out!

The ISU Extension Farm Management Specialist has been working around agriculture for a long time.

But, as hard as it is for farmers to make a profit today, he doesn't think times are as tough as they once were.

"I don't think it's as bad as the 1980s were," said Wright.

So, if you've got questions about running your farm, he can probably help you out.

"How they can make their business more profitable, or at least better than what it is today," said Wright, talking about an area in which he routinely tries to help farmers.

If you're planning on transitioning your family farm to the next generation, you're not alone right now.

"The thing that we're experiencing in the state of Iowa is an aging farmer group and sometimes these transitions, they're happening because they're happening," said Wright.

Every case is different, but a guy like Gary can help you decide what is best for the future of your farm.

"Perhaps a guy is farming a little longer or getting out a little quicker," said Wright. "Depending on the circumstances."

But regardless of your farming situation right now, Gary says the best thing you can do is make a long-term plan.

"Right now we get into an environment where people are planning more than just getting through the next year, they're thinking three to five years," said Wright. "And that's always good anyway."

ISU Extension provides services free of charge when it can, you can get in touch with Gary at: (712) 276 - 2157 or by emailing:

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