Hometown Farmer: Farmer In Training

Brandee Petersen keeps pretty busy during the summer.

She has to do a lot of fluffing and spraying.

It's not a beauty pageant regiment, not for her anyway.

It's part of her summer routine and has been for the past nine years: working with her livestock.

Brandee's in 4-H and raises cattle and sheep to show at local fairs.

"I go to one every weekend in July and I go to some every winter," said Petersen. "So probably about 10 or 15 shows I take them to."

The four bovine get the same treatment daily.

They're sprayed down and brushed up, even blown off!

Brandee has to work with them, giving them one on one time as well.

They have to get used to being paraded around.

"It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, because you want them to be nice and tame for fair," said Petersen. "So that it's not a hassle."

And all of that hard work has paid off. Petersen's won champion market beef two years in a row.

She's the hard working student of today, set to become the hard working farmer of tomorrow.

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