Hometown Farmer: Folk Rock Farmer

When Andy Juhl's not in the field, you can hear his other passion.

"I don't know what other farmers do," said Juhl. "I write songs in the tractor sometimes."

Andy went to college in Minneapolis and stayed in town for about 10 years working on his music.

Then four years ago he got a chance to come back to Remsen, Iowa and take over the family farm.

"It always felt like home even when I was living somewhere else, this still felt like home," said Juhl. "Actually it seems like I play more music now that I'm back here than I did in Minneapolis."

Andy Juhl's helping feed the world with his farming and using his music to help it heal.

"I know I'm not going to change the world," said Juhl. "But I can try."

Andy's wife sells produce at the Orange City and Cherokee Farmer's Markets.

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