Hometown Farmer - For-Most Livestock Eqiupment

Hometown Farmer - For-Most Livestock Eqiupment

It's a small town success story, more than half-a-century in the making. A simple request turns into a big employer in Hawarden, Iowa.

For-Most Livestock Equipment started in 1961 when a veterinarian asked Harv Dorhaut to build something to keep cattle still while working on'em.

"Harv laid one out on a piece of cement, laid the pipe out, did a chalk drawing around the pipe and that was his first headgate," said Matt Gambaiana, Operations Manager at For-Most.

Things have grown over the last 56 years.

The company now makes a wide range of equipment, from head gates to scale frames, and everything, from start to finish, is build in Hawarden.

And in case you were wondering, you'll recognize this equipment when you see it.

"Harv always said he wants to see it from the road," said Gambaiana. "So that's why we came up with that color."

The yellowish hue is officially called "Desert Sunset."

From painters to welders, the people who work at For-Most like the place!

Gambaiana started as a welder in '78.

"Half the shop has been here for 15, 20 years or longer," said Gambaiana.

Evan Zanderfeen's put in time, too.

"Twenty-seven years next month," said Zanderfeen, with a smile.

He works on special projects at the shop, modifying equipment when customers request.

"I usually end up doing it, which is fine with me," said Zanderfeen. "I kind of enjoy it, get away from the normal stuff."

He's just one of the many, turning steel into equipment.

He's been working here for so long because he doesn't just work with friends, he says this company is something more.

"Yeah," said Zanderfeen. "Like a family."

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