Hometown Farmer: Freedom Farms

Jerad Ebert started Freedom Farms four years ago and in those last few years he's really expanded.

He sells his produce at a few local markets, from Quimby and Sioux City all the way down to Omaha.

"I like dealing with people, I like meeting customers," said Ebert. "Sometimes the money isn't quite there, but we're working on that and it's getting better all the time."

But something sets his operation apart: variety.

If you want proof, just take a peek inside of his new high tunnel.

"(I have) Several different kinds of lettuce, I've got spinach and I've got kale in here," said Ebert. "And a couple of zucchini plants just to see if we can grow some zucchini this fall."

Then there are the animals.

From the chickens to goats and lamb, you might even see an alpaca!

And if you think that's quite the menagerie, Jerad doesn't plan on thinning the herd anytime soon.

"The goal is to eventually try to get some buffalo, but you know, you've got to have some good fences for that," said Ebert. "I'm not quite there yet."

Ebert is breaking free from the usual farmers market fare at Freedom Farms.

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