Hometown Farmer: Getting's Garden

You can hear the sounds of hard work coming from Getting's Garden near Sanborn, Iowa.

It doesn't feel like spring, but getting the gardens ready takes weeks.

The Getting's raise strawberries and raspberries, they're even experimenting with some blueberries this year.

It's the weeks in early spring when they get the crops ready for the thousands who come to pick for themselves over the summer.

In early April Andy Getting and his dad, Don, were checking the strawberries for the first time since they were covered at the end of the last season.

"Usually you just pull them out of the ground," said Don. "Looks like they did fine."

The family started the strawberry business back in 1983 and after growing up in and around the gardens.

Now Andy's a co-owner.

"Ever since I can remember I was tagging along or doing what they would let me do," said Andy. "I always wanted to do more than what I could when I was younger and now I've got too much to do."

But all of the action doesn't happen outside.

In the kitchen this time of year you'll see hundreds of jars just waiting for grandma's special touch!

Don's mom Sheril's usually busy making strawberry treats, in fact she has making the jam down to a science.

"I boil it for one minute, then I put it in these jars," said Sheril. "When I get them full I wipe 'em off, put the lids on, (then they're) ready to go in the canner."

It's a family at work inside and out, getting acres of gardens ready for spring.

If the weather cooperates, the strawberries will be ready for public picking sometime in mid-June!

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