Hometown Farmer - Grandma's Fruit Juice Winery

Hometown Farmer - Grandma's Fruit Juice Winery

Siouxland farmers grow everything from corn to strawberries.

There's a new business in Sheldon, Iowa, using local produce to make wine!

"For the size of our operation, it keeps us pretty busy," said Glenn Davey, co-owner of Grandma's Fruit Juice Winery.

He and his wife have had a wine-making hobby for a few years, his mother-in-law loved what she called her "fruit juice."

The couple has been licensed for a year-and-a-half, now.

That means their basement is filling up!

"We produce roughly somewhere between six and seven-hundred gallons per year," said Davey.

What's different about their product?

The couple doesn't produce any grape wines, theirs are made with other fruit: everything from pear to raspberry.

They don't grow their own fruit, either.

That doesn't mean the fruit their wine is made from isn't grown locally.

"If it can be obtained locally, we do," said Davey. "Our raspberries are all harvested from Getting's Gardens near Sanborn."

There isn't any mechanical equipment in the basement, either: everything's done by hand.

"We personally handle every bottle and everything is taste-tested before it's bottled, of course," said Davey.

This Sheldon, Iowa wine is living up to Grandma's legacy.

Glenn and his wife have wine-tastings often.

To see a wine-tasting schedule, or find out where to buy Grandma's Fruit Juice Wine locally, please visit:

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