Hometown Farmer: Grandma's Garden

You'll probably find Laurie Lukken outside on a nice summer day.

"Our grandson Pierce is the chicken wrangler of the family," said Lukken, tossing pieces of bread to her flock of chickens. "He plays with the chickens like they're ninja warriors."

If she's not feeding her flock, you can probably bet she's in her flower garden.

"I start all the seeds in the dining room," said Lukken, pointing to her expansive garden.

It's called Grandma's Garden and inside you'll find more than thirty varieties of flowers.

Everything from snapdragons to zinnias.

Lukken's been raising flowers to sell at the Sioux City Farmers Market for 9 year now, but she was bitten by the gardening bug early on.

"My grandma grew flowers, my mom is a grower, my sister, daughter, and brothers," said Lukken.

She even grows ornamentals, other plants to decorate the bouquets she creates.

Just take a look at the black pearl peppers growing in her garden.

"It's just one of those new varieties they came up with a few years back," said Lukken, pointing to a black pearl pepper plant.

She's an Iowa gardener, using her flowers to help her customers grow smiles.

"I used to call a bouquet actually, a smaller one, a 'makes me smile bouquet' and I figured that was kind of a mouthful," said Lukken. "So this year I just changed it to 'little cutie'."

Laurie sells more than just flowers at the Sioux City Farmers Market every Saturday.

If you stop by her booth, you'll find everything from eggs to a whole bunch of unique, one of a kind items.

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