Hometown Farmer: High Land Hills Farm

Ryan Schieffer grew up on a small Nebraska farm, his family's raised cattle for a long time.

But now he and his wife are expanding the business in a different way.

They raise chickens and sell eggs, but their pride and joy are a group of Red Wattle pigs.

"They're a naturally lean hog and they're good foragers," said Ryan. "They can take the elements better than many other conventional breeds."

Before the two got married, Jessica had been living on the east coast, almost in the middle of a big "natural produce" scene.

And after she got married, that was something she wanted to bring to Nebraska.

"I would say love dragged me out here," said Jessica. "But (I have) a passion for really healthy alternatives for people. It's available in Northern Virginia, it's just not as available out here."

And now that's what they're doing with their farm, High Land Hills.

They raise animals, like those Red Wattles, in a natural way. They don't give them antibiotics and they're mostly kept outside.

"They run around and they're free," said Ryan.

The two are hoping to set an example: small farmers can be successful.

"We want to keep the small farm alive," said Jessica. "We're fighting to make it an option for the next generation of farmers."

If you're wanting to buy some of their produce, they say it's more affordable than you might think!

Here is a link to their web site:

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