Hometown Farmer: Jauer Dependable Genetics

"We breed them different, we're kind of renegades," said Roger Jauer, owner of Jauer Dependable Genetics.Roger's been a renegade for more than 40 years now.These days he he has some help from his sons, like 36-year-old Kurt."We're breeding anywhere between 400 and 500 head every spring," said Kurt.Using artificial insemination, the Jauer crew has breeding down to a science."We kind of look at the animal, we kind of look and see what their flaws might be, and we breed'em to a bull that will correct that," said Kurt.When you start looking at the breeding, you can see why Roger considers himself a rebel.He likes to breed a little differently.He tries to end up with cattle that are smaller, thicker, and can forage better for food."We want cattle that will work for us, rather than we have to go out and put the feed wagon to'em every day all day long," said Roger.Maybe that's why the cattle from this fourth generation farm have wound up as far away as Wyoming and Connecticut.If you want to find out more about what they do at Jauer Dependable Genetics, or the bulls they have for sale, please visit: you know of any farmers you think would be great here on "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer," please email Jake at: