Hometown Farmer: Knobloch's Greenhouse

You'll typically see a lot of spring plants and bursts of color at Knobloch's Greenhouse near Alvord, Iowa."That's kind of our claim to fame so to speak," said Myron Knobloch, who owns the greenhouse.Even though the spring flowers aren't in season this time of year, if you look inside, you'll still see a whole lot of green.Make sure you take notice of the hanging cucumbers!"They're easier to pick," said Knobloch. "Everything's at eye-hand level here, you're not crawling on the ground to do it."When spring plants aren't in season, the equipment in the greenhouse pulls double duty.From the cucumbers hanging in baskets in the greenhouse, to the tomatoes, even the greens that are growing on tables out front.Knobloch says it took a lot of trial and error to get all of this stuff growing in an "unusual" environment."You have just that little quantity of soil you're playing with on the baskets here," said Knobloch. "So things go wrong quicker."But you don't really get an idea of how massive this growing operation is until you look out back.You'll see a whole field, with everything from kohlrabi to sweet corn growing.The Knobloch's try to pick crops at least twice a week.Myron and his wife Beth started out in 1987, they really started growing more produce for the Farmer's Market three years ago."The kids grew up and we had three of them that are interested in being back in the business," said Knobloch. "So we had to grow the pie so to speak."But if you're a fan of flowers, don't worry!If you see the Knobloch crew at the Sioux City or Sioux Falls Farmer's Market, there will still be a few flowers for sale, too!