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Hometown Farmer - Le Mars Toy Store

Hometown Farmer - Le Mars Toy Store

Have you ever found a favorite toy from when you were a kid, and remembered the joy of playing with it when you were little?

There's a guy bringing that joy to adults up in Le Mars.

Head to the Le Mars Toy Store in this edition of "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer."

You know, there's nothing like a high performance machine that's been restored, modified, maybe even souped up.

Even if that machine turns out to be a toy!

"I'm kind of like the late Carroll Shelby," said Albert Schulz.

Schulz's hot rods are a little smaller than the Mustangs Shelby modified, though.

A quick trip down the stairs of an old department store building brings you into Albert's playground: the Le Mars Toy Store.

With a team of seven fabricators from around the country, he modifies off-the-shelf farm toys.

"Remotes, bigger tires, wheel weights, everything else looks like the real loader-tractor, doesn't it?" said Schulz, holding up one of the creations in his shop.

He and his team make these tiny toys look more like the real thing.

"Probably got 10 hours in it," said Schulz.

He says it's what people were asking for.

"People that wanted a lot more detail, something they can't find that looks more like a real tractor," said Schulz. "We started to build custom toys."

But, he got something no one ever asks for in November 2016.

"I spent most of the month of December in the Mayo clinic," said Schulz.

He was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer.

But whatever happens to him, he says the store will go on.

"A lot of people come down here, not just to buy something, but it's their happiness," said Schulz.

You've heard of reaping what you sew?

If that's true, then after about two decades of modifying toys, Schulz has a lot of happiness and joy to bring in.

"Everybody needs help sometimes in life financially or friendship," said Schulz. "I guess this time I've cashed in on the friendship."

Albert has appreciation days at his story from March 9th - 11th.

The store is located at:

28 Plymouth St. SW
Le Mars, IA 51031

The phone number for the shop is: (712) 546 - 4305.

If you think of a farmer that might be great on "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer," please email Jake at:

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