Hometown Farmer: Meet the Modern Dairy Farmer

Matt Schelling's a third generation dairy farmer.

His grandpa started Walnut Grove Dairy back in 1946 And Matt will be the first to tell you, things have changed quite a bit since then.

Being an expert dairy farmer takes more than you think.

First there's the technology.

You can start with the 3,000 gallon automated milk storage tank.

"Soaps and cleaners automatically go through the whole cycle of washing the inside of the tank," said Schelling.

Quite a few other advances in the dairy field have taken out some of the "hand work" and replaced it with "hardware."

"Iodine, foamed iodine," said Schelling. "It's a disinfectant, it cleans any bacteria that might be present."

All of that technology adds up to huge efficiencies.

"This foam cut our dip use by about 60 percent," said Schelling.

Even with the help of technology there's still a lot of work to be done, even when it's not milking time.

You can't forget about the cows after all.

"They've just been fed total mixed ration, silage, corn silage and cornstalks to dilute the energy," said Schelling. "Don't want them to get too fat."

Even when the bovine kind don't need the attention there's still plenty to do, like keeping all of the equipment in tip-top shape.

"We do most of it ourselves except for engine and transmission work," said Schelling.

Matt Schelling's sort of a jack of all trades, one of many who are out there every day, proving a farmers work is never done.

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