Hometown Farmer - MMCRU ag program

Hometown Farmer - MMCRU ag program

There's a high school class in Marcus, Iowa taking a trip to the past.

The Christmas past, anyway.

"Before wreaths were popular, swags were the thing to put on your door," said Sam Green.

Ms. Green just started at Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn-Remsen-Union this year.

If you take a quick look around her classroom, it is easy to see which subject she's passionate about.

"It was surprising when I moved here that there wasn't an ag. program," said Sam.

She teaches four agriculture classes, trying to pass her passion on to her students.

She can get kind of strict sometimes, too.

"They are not allowed to say 'dirt' in my classroom," said Sam with a smile. "They can only say soil."

Besides the classes, her "FFA" keychain kind of gives it away, but she's also heading a new Future Farmers of America chapter at the school.

She even took students to Indianapolis and the national FFA convention in October, all in hopes of getting these kids started in agriculture.

"I really hope that they are broadening their mind of agriculture, that it is more than just that corn field that you drove by," said Sam. "You can look at that cornfield and know what products and what all comes and is made from that cornfield."

In the meantime, she's going to keep engaging young minds, with hands-on activities.

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