Hometown Farmer: O. K. Corral

Dave Poppens knows his cattle.

After all, he's been raising cows like the Black and Red Angus he has on one of his farms near Lennox, South Dakota his entire life.

He farms and feeds nearly 1,000 cows with his brother and nephew at the O. K. Corral, Inc.

"Each year we'll go through probably 70 to 80,000 bushels of corn for the feed lot," said Poppens.

For as much as things change in farming, they stay the same.

Dave says cows now are a little bigger because of breeding, but what they eat is the same, so the basics of caring care of them haven't changed all that much.

Now, you can just do things more precisely.

"When I first started, yeah, it was kind of you threw on a couple of scoops of this and a couple of scoops of that," said Poppens, talking about feeding the cattle. "It was more of a guessing game as to how much you actually had of each ingredient."

But with the help of a little computer, Dave can come up with the healthiest mix of feed for his herd.

"It tells me for ingredient one I need 4,160 pounds," said Poppens, punching up a feeding program in a little computer inside the cab of his feed truck.

It's just one more way technology is helping out farmers like Dave Poppens at the O. K. Corral.

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