Hometown Farmer: Passion for Poultry

Michelle Ortner's a farm girl at heart.

She and her family raise a few goats and some cattle, but her real passion lies with a bird of a different feather.

She raises around 60 chickens on her family farm near Danbury, Iowa, and after this many years, she's used to their unique behavior.

"See, now he's talking to the women," said Ortner, observing a rooster. "He's like: now the corn's over here ladies."

She raised chickens as a kid and after she grew up she and her husband couldn't find great eggs at the grocery store.

So they took an old hog house and turned it into a chicken coop.

"I'm used to having chickens around, I'm used to roosters, they are quite noisy," said Ortner.

They get warm water in the winter and plenty of fresh ground feed, just don't bug them while they're taking care of business.

"Oops, you're laying an egg, we'll leave you alone," said Ortner.

But at the end of each day, there's quite the pay-off.

"I usually get close to 50 eggs a day out of my 60 chickens," said Ortner.

Michelle sells a lot of those eggs, in fact she plans on selling them at the Sioux City Farmer's market this year.

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