Hometown Farmer: Paul Pingel

Raising 17,000 porky pigs keeps Paul Pingel pretty busy every year.But now those swine come with some recognition!The Iowa Pork Producers Association named Paul the 2013 Iowa Pork All-American."You can say I was lucky enough this year to meet all criteria," said Pingel.Paul says he owes a lot to his dad for the award, setting him and the farm up for success.His parents also pushed him to take the next step in his education when he was young. He graduated from Iowa State University in 1998."They said that I could come back and farm, that was fine, but I had to go get an education first," said Pingel.Paul grew up learning the hard work it takes to make a farm work, but he says college is what taught him how to keep a farm operation successful."When my dad was my age, it was you just went outside and worked hard and you knew you could make it," said Pingel. "Anymore there's a lot more desk time that's needed and is expected to be able to make things flow and be profitable and successful."For Paul, the hard work won't stop and those piglets will keep the "All-American" producer pretty busy for a long time to come.If you know of any farmers you think would be great here on "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer," tell us about them!Please email Jake at: