Hometown Farmer: Plymouth County Round Barn

If you visit at the Plymouth County Fair in Le Mars, you might notice a whole lot of shirts and hats making a big deal out of a big, round barn."It's called 'Around the Farm in the Barn,'" said Paul Jacobson, with the Le Mars Chamber of Commerce.The crowd was dedicating the barn Tuesday.It's been at the fairgrounds since 1981, but this year, if you step inside, you'd better be ready to learn."(We) kind of explain the food process, how things get from the field or the livestock pens to the kitchen table," said Jacobson.That is all being done with hands-on exhibits showing things like different types of feed and products made with corn.You can even try your hand at milking a (plastic) cow and there are things to keep the kids busy, like combine and tractor simulators.And if you like what you see now, just wait until next year!"We actually have quite a bit of material that we didn't use this year that we have planned to use next year," said Jacobson.The fair runs through Sunday, July 27th.If you want to check out more about the fair, please visit this web site: you know of anyone that would be good on "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer," please email Jake at: