Hometown Farmer: Prairie Grass Meats

When it's time to head to the field and check the cattle, Bill Ott usually doesn't drive.

"You have some horses, well what comes natural? Chasing cows on horses! So that's what we decided to do," Said Ott.

He and his wife moved from Illinois to Hawarden in 2008, they bought some Red Angus a year later and wanted to raise them in a special way.

"The cows are grass finished and grass fed," said Ott.

That's how Prairie Grass Meats was born!

Besides a little hay in the winter, they're only fed grass, and a special blend at that!

"It's a mixture of alfalfa, clover, grass," said Ott. "A couple different kinds of grass."

Bill says the special diet is what makes all the difference, the meat's a little leaner.

"When you make a patty with our ground beef, your hands will not be covered with fat," said Ott.

When cattle are raised in this way, sometimes you really can't help but to get to know them and the customer gets to know exactly what they're getting when they buy from Prairie Grass Meats.

If you check the businesses Facebook page (!/pages/Prairie-Grass-Meats/183620421660585), chances are you'll even find a picture of the cow you bought!

Bill says the natural diet improves the taste and sometimes knowing where your food comes from makes it taste a little better, too!

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