Hometown Farmer: Prairie Sun Organic Farms

You might say organic farming's in Angela Jackson's blood.

"That's all I've ever done by myself," said Jackson. "That's all I know how to do."

She owns the Prairie Sun Organic Farm near Vermillion, where she grows things like cucumbers and tomatoes.

But even with good yields, sometimes farming the organic way can be anything but easy.

"We have to manually hoe all the vegetables, we don't use roundup, we don't use anything, we don't use vinegar, so it's constant mowing and hoeing and weeding," said Jackson. "That's what it is."

And when the vegetables are planted outside, helping them survive is even more difficult.

"The first round we planted frosted out, so we planted again, then we had rabbit problems and now we're coming back in the third time to plant," said Jackson.

Things are changing for organic farmers like Angela.

A lot of plants are moving inside.

"We're able to produce more over a long period of time and we're able to control 'Mother Nature' to a certain extent," said Jackson, pointing out the hoop building on her farm, where most of her vegetables are located.

Jackson also raises chickens and she's even doing that a new way: with a moving chicken house.

"We try to move it every day so that they're always on fresh grass," said Jackson.

Angela Jackson's one of the many farmers injecting new ideas into one of the oldest professions around.

"If we're going to continue to grow food like this, we're going to have to change the way we farm," said Jackson. "We're going to have to change the way we think about farming in general."

You can find Angela and a lot of the Prairie Sun produce at the Vermillion Farmer's Market.

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