Hometown Farmer - Renken Auctions

Hometown Farmer - Renken Auctions

Tim Renken lives and works on a farm, but a lot of the work he does these days is done on a computer.

"This is actually production number 31," said Renken, looking over a beloved '70s CASE Black Knight demonstration tractor he's restoring.

Implements like that make him money, but most of the work he does with them happens right in his basement, with his trusty laptop computer.

"Ten years ago if you would've asked me which piece of equipment on our place generated the most money, or that we made our living off of, I never would have told you it would've been our computer," said Renken.

A little more than three years ago he was farming, but landlords sold the land, so he had to find another way to make a living.

"We started buying tractors and equipment and then fixing it up to resell it," said Renken.

Success came selling that stuff online, so out of that Renken Auctions was born.

Tim is affiliated with Auction Time out of Lincoln.

His wife and kids help him with the listings, taking pictures for his online auction web site.

The items he sells also appear in the Auction Time magazine.

He says he sold 917 items in 2016 alone, and had millions of hits on the site, too.

In fact, some of the machinery he's listed for sale on his site have actually ended up all around the world.

"(I) Had a grain trailer go to Honduras, we just sold a truck this last Wednesday that's going to Africa," said Tim.

From a basement in rural South Dakota to the four corners of the Earth?

Not bad at all.

Just a note, the CASE Black Knight won't be for sale, it's kind of like a mascot for the company.

If you want to find out more about Tim's business, check out his web site here:

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