Hometown Farmer: Rock Rapids Dairy

Multi-Rose Jerseys, Inc. is a dairy farm near Rock Rapids, Iowa.

With about 1,350 head of cattle, it's a place where it seems like the milking never stops.

"Each cow's milked three times a day," said Evan Metzger, a part owner of the farm.

Metzger's a fourth generation dairy farmer and things have changed since he started out.

"We could probably only milk 40 cows an hour," said Metzger. "Now we're milking six times that!"

The dairy expanded back in 2011, adding bigger barns and a bigger herd, jumping from 500 to the more than 1,000 cows that are there now.

If you look around, you'll see a lot of technology as well.

From the 8,000 gallon milk storage tank to the carousel milking parlor: a nice ride for those cows.

"It takes about eight to ten minutes," said Metzger, pointing out how quickly each cow can be milked. "Each cow's producing twenty to twenty-five pounds per milking."

And each cow is wearing a fashion accessory: a pedometer.

They've been using them on the farm for eleven years, they help indicate when the cow's not feeling right.

But even with all of the technology, the heritage isn't forgotten.

You might notice the dairy cows aren't your typical black and whites, they're called Jerseys.

And they're just one of the reasons why this farm's unique.

"Jersey cows have been on this farm since the 1920's," said Metzger. "My great-great-grandfather started back in 1920, Fred Metzger."

Multi-Rose Jerseys, Inc. is a farm that stretches from the past to four generations into the future.

If you want to check out the dairy farm for yourself, you've got a chance coming up on June 26th.

As part of June Dairy Month you can take a tour and even get a free meal!

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