Hometown Farmer: Ron Muth

About 12 years ago Ron Muth was selling pork at a farmers market, so he thought the next logical step would obviously be: grow some vegetables!

"One thing led to another and it grew from a little quarter acre patch to ten and a half acres," said Muth.

Now those acres are full, with 13 different kinds of peppers, sweet corn and more.

Ron's even growing something new this year, a plant that can annoy a lot of farmers: sunflowers.

"(You can) put a little olive oil on it, stick 'em in the oven and roast 'em," said Muth, describing the sunflowers.

But the weeds he didn't plant can be a big problem, weeding's something Ron has to do a lot of.

He hasn't used any chemicals or commercial fertilizer for more than 12 years.

The way his rows are set up he can use a cultivator to help out, but there's no getting around using some good old fashioned elbow grease.

"You get the majority of it," Ron said, talking about using the cultivator. "But you still have to hand weed it."

Ron says his crops are doing pretty well, even with a wet start and dry end to the season, but if you need any evidence, just take a look at his beans.

"They're everywhere," Ron exclaimed, looking at a massive bunch of green beans!

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