Hometown Farmer: Seed Saving Library

Dave Mixdorf really likes seeds.

"I didn't get the Sears catalog at Christmas time and go through the Sears catalog looking for Christmas presents," said Mixdorf. "I got the seed catalogs and went through the seed catalogs."

He's using his green thumb to grow a garden club and seed saving library at the South Sioux City Library.

And he's definitely the right man for the job, he handles varieties of plants you might not have heard of.

"Mexico midget, which is a variety of cherry tomato," said Mixdorf, holding up one of the plants. "The first time I planted it, it grew 35 feet long."

The idea behind the program is simple: Dave saves different species of plants. Keeping genetic variations around that might otherwise be lost.

Then folks are able to take them home and get them growing.

"People can come in and they'll sign out for certain batches of seeds," said Mixdorf.

The program only has 25 varieties right now, but give it time, it'll grow.

Dave Mixdorf isn't just helping to save a few seeds, he's saving flavors and food experiences by encouraging folks to plant a little bit of history.

The garden club meets the first Thursday of every month.

To find out more about the club or the library, please contact Dave.

You can email him at: or call him at (402) 494 - 7545.

You can also visit the South Sioux City Library web page at:

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