Hometown Farmer: Veterinarian Mobility Act

As a veterinarian, Jeff Bottger sees all kinds of animals at his Sioux City clinic.

But now a different interpretation of a law could get vets like him in big trouble for trying to do their jobs.

"The way I understand it, we could essentially be prosecuted as if we were trafficking drugs," said Bottger.

Right now, because of an interpretation of the "Controlled Substances Act," a vet can't take certain medications, like ones used for euthanasia, with them into the field.

"Say an animal's injured in a motor vehicle accident or something like that where there's no way of transporting the animal to the clinic, or it would just be inhumane to transport an animal to the clinic," said Bottger, speaking of an incidence when taking that medication to the animal would be vital.

So right now, if an animal is hurt badly and needs to be put down where it is, veterinarians don't have many options.

That's where the Veterinarian Mobility Act comes in.

If it passes it would let vets take the medications they need out to the animals.

Something Jeff hopes gets passed soon.

"It would make things a lot less nerve wracking," said Bottger.

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