Hometown Farmer: Yankton Community Garden

If you stop by Yankton, South Dakota during the summer, you might find Dick Erickson tending to his vegetables.

"Carrots, beets, pepper plants, and I think that's about it," said Erickson.

He'll most likely be toiling away in plot 133, just on the edge of a much larger garden.

"It was land that was never going to be developed or built upon," said Todd Larson, the Parks & Recreation Director for the city of Yankton.

The city had the land, the group "Healthy Yankton" had the idea and five years later the Yankton Community Garden is still giving folks a chance to show off their green thumbs.

The garden's open to anyone, renting a plot for the season is only $20 and the city even does some tilling and provides the water.

"We have 216 plots," said Angie O'Connor with Healthy Yankton. "We've sold out all of those 216 for the last three years."

Like any garden, there's bound to be extra at the end of the year, so it's not a surprise to see some of the produce end up in the hands of the people who need it the most.

"We even encourage people to donate to places in need around the community, our community bank, our senior center and those places with their extra produce," said O'Connor.

It's a garden for anyone, with homegrown vegetables and hard work helping weed out unhealthy habits, giving everyone in town an equal opportunity to grow.

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