HTF - Hawarden Outlaw Tractor Pull

HTF - Hawarden Outlaw Tractor Pull

Feel the ground rumble at the Hawarden Outlaw Tractor Pull.

What do you think when you see a tractor?

"A lot of smoke, a lot of noise, it's just a good time."

You can feel the power at the Hawarden Outlaw Tractor Pull.

Gary Moffatt and his family organize it.

He's had a love for these huge machines since he was six, which makes organizing this tractor pull all worth it.

"I get to stand track side and nobody tells me, 'hey kid, get back in the bleachers, you're not allowed to stand there.' So I like it," he said.

Tractors from as far away as Texas come to Hawarden to pull on this track, built from about 100 semi loads of dirt and clay.

Work getting the track ready fo the main event is going on now.

And these machines?

"You see guys out in the field, driving with tractors, and it just takes tractors to a whole different level," Moffatt said.

Some of'em are "tractor" in name only.

"Some of them have jet aircraft engines, they're turbine jet engines that come out of helicopters," said Moffatt.

These beasts pull a weighted sleigh.

Whoever makes it the farthest on this 300-foot track, wins.

But what are they pulling for?

The winners get some prize money, but everything this event brings in is donated to different groups and charities in Hawarden.

"It's good for the community, that about sums it up," said Moffatt.

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