HTF: Smokin' Joe's

You can still see the trailer out back.

The shirt still says Smokin' Joe's.

But you won't find Crystal VanDePol selling many smoked meats these days.

She's still in the kitchen, but she's making something else.

"Low protein dog treats," said VanDePol, as she rolled out some dough for the treats.

Crystal started Smokin' Joe's 7 years ago, selling different meats around town, but she wanted a change.

So two years ago she started baking and selling at the Farmer's Market.

"I'm baking two full days before each market day," said VanDePol. "Ten hour days, so that's about forty hours of baking a week."

She uses homegrown rhubarb for cobblers and pies, but one of her best sellers is for man's best friend: Homemade dog biscuits.

"There's four different recipes and I'm doing quadruple batches of each," said VanDePol.

She's a small business owner and a baker, helping Sioux City's Farmers Market be a success.

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