91 Years Young

He's 91 years old. But this Sioux Citian is still staying up to speed when it comes to serving the customer. Irv Givot says he doesn't let the pressure of life get to him. And that he doesn't look back. Instead, he takes life, one day at a time. "I'm 91 and still working because I love to work." Sioux City Native Irv Givot says he lives his life with passion every day. About four days a week, Irv stacks cookies at Walmart in South Sioux City, NE. But his dedication and hard work ethic started many decades ago. "Always at work, all my life, seven days a week, 14-15 hours a day was nothing," said Givot. Irv served in World War II and when he returned to Sioux City, he helped his mom run the family grocery store on West Fourth Street. "Probably in the early 1920s," recalled Givot as to when the family store first opened. And as the years passed, he took over the business. "Loved every minute of it. Great help all the time. Great people," said Givot. But after 69 years, Irv had to close grocery store and found another job at liquor store to help pay the bills. "There was no place for the size of our store to buy anything, fruit or vegetables, groceries, meats, anything here in town. They were all abandoned. All gone," said Givot. But Irv says closing down the business was only the beginning of a new chapter in his life. "I wish the whole world could live this kind of a life." Irv's grandson Phil Sklar says his grandfather 's enthusiasm for life inspires him. Sklar is the co-founder and CEO of the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum in Milwaukee, WI. "You know you hear great stories about you know different people who ran into him, you know, who were touched some way by his generosity," said Sklar. "If everybody would love everybody, it would be a great world," said Givot. So if you ever run into Irv at the South Sioux City Walmart, be sure to give him a quick hello. I can almost guarantee, he'll brighten your day as he did with mine.
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