Beloved Boy Scout Camp Closing

(THURSTON CO, NE) Siouxland Boy Scouts may have to explore the great outdoors somewhere else.

After years of use the Thomas Ashford Scout Camp in Homer Nebraska is closing for good.

"Maybe they just don't see this as a priority, you know but we really care about this camp and we wish we could keep it," says Kenny Kramer, a long time Boy Scout and current member of Troop 291.

Kenny Kramer has been a boy scout for as long as he can remember.

"It's taught me a lot of skills that I can use at school at home you know it helps you with your family life. It kind of makes you a better person, survival skills being able to go out into nature," he says.

So understandably this weekend is a bittersweet farewell for Kenny.

The Thomas Ashford Scout Camp has been around for more than 40 years and this weekend is the last chance boy scouts get to have a little fun before it closes.

"We'll have 200 maybe 250 boys out here playing games and working on crafts and honing their scouting skills and testing them against one another in competitions," says David Harris, the Boy Scouts Senior District Executive.

But come Monday, April 22, 2013 the land will be empty. Boy Scout Councils evaluated the property and decided it wasn't fit for camping anymore and could be unsafe.

"There was a sales agreement entered in several years ago. I don't believe it's closed yet but it's going to be a hunting operation on the surrounding area so there are some safety concerns for events that might be here and the safety of the scouts," says Harris.

Even so, scouts don't want to see it go.

"It means a lot to the boy scouts here, it means a lot, somewhere to go where we can camp," says Kenny Kramer.

"Please don't sell it. I really like to come up camping here spend it with my troop and friends, making new friends. It's always a fun time," says Trevor Heinemann, Boy Scout with Troop 291.

"Camps come and camps go but scouting continues and that's what we're here for, the scouts and their opportunities and providing unparallel experiences for them," says Harris.

The boy scouts will still hold its fall rendezvous event but now at a camp in Hinton.
Harris says in 2014 boy scouts will have to find other locations around the area to host annual events.

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