Denison, IA Tyson Plant Plans to Stay Open

A Siouxland community is breathing a sigh of relief after finding out one of its largest employers is there to stay.

Two years ago, Tyson Fresh Meats in Denison warned it may need to close the facility once expansion was completed at the plant in Dakota City, Nebraska.

Last week, employees in Denison were told that conditions had changed and there was no need to shut down production. Tyson employs nearly 400 people, nearly four percent of the workforce in the community.

After years of anxious waiting, the town can carry on as normal.

"We can focus on keeping neighbors and not losing neighbors. We can focus on positive news now, of which there is a lot. But when you have a potential closure and it's uncertain. That can be sort of a dark cloud that can hang over the community," said Evan Blakley, Executive Director of the Chamber and Development Council of Crawford County.

"In rural Iowa there is quite a bit of animal agriculture. So that feeds right into our market place. So there's a lot of great things happening in Denison right now that have been coming. And they just happen to be coming to fruition right now and so being able to keep Tyson is just another great part to be able to keep feeding the great things that are happening in Denison," said Denison Mayor Brad Bonner.

The plant has been in operation since 1961 when it was first operated by Iowa Beef Packers Incorporated, an innovator in the slaughter industry.

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