Farmer in Need Gets a Helping Hand from Farm Rescue

(HULL, IA) Farmers across Siouxland are planting this year's crop right now but for one farmer in Hull, Iowa, a simple knee injury turned into a much bigger problem.

Daryl DeGroot and his wife Marla usually plant 500 acres of corn, soybeans and alfalfa.
Only this year they needed a little help.

Daryl and Marla DeGroot were married in their early 20's and have been farming ever since.

"It is such a blessing to live in a community like this," says Marla DeGroot.

They live in Hull, Iowa, and ever since his injury, which required him to get a replacement knee the community has been there helping out in small ways.

"For the last two months for sure I haven't been able to... you can't do anything with this cast basically," says Daryl DeGroot.

It's a full leg cast and at best he can get around slowly with crutches so when it came time to start planting corn and soybeans, Daryl really needed help. That's when the organization Farm Rescue got involved - Daryl applied and Farm Rescue showed up, tractors and all.

"Farm Rescue provides free planting and harvest assistance to family farms when they've had a major illness or an injury or a natural disaster," says Faron Wahl, the Regional Operations Manager at Farm Rescue.

RDO equipment company supplies the non-profit with its machinery and then good-hearted volunteers fill those tractors to get the work done.

"I think all of us in this part of the country know how important family farms are to all of our livelihoods. We all go back to that at some point. It is a rewarding thing to know that we're just one piece of helping that family farm get through that hard time so they're there not only here next year but for the next generation," says Wahl.

And the DeGroot's couldn't be more thankful.

"It's so humbling and we are so grateful. We are so blessed. We are. It's just really humbling," says Daryl.

"We need to look at all the blessings we do have not all the bad things that are happening to us but that we are more available to people who are struggling too, to be a support and pay it forward," says Marla.

The DeGroots hope the cast will be off by the 4th of July.Daryl says he can't wait to get out in the fall to harvest his crops.

If you want to learn more about Farm Rescue you can visit the website:

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