Firework Safety Tips for Siouxland

4th of July is a celebration of our nation's independence and it's also a time for good weather and fun.

"We sell happiness. It's just fun. We sell so much happiness. I go over there to China and make this stuff and it's so fun to put in the different colors and spinning effects-create a package that my customers will enjoy shooting at home," said Zort's Fireworks Owner John Barber.

These types of explosives are very popular this time of year but they aren't without risk.

Local law enforcement wants people to take extra precaution. "We want everyone to have a good time and enjoy the weekend but also we want everyone to be safe handle them properly," said North Sioux City Chief of Police Jody Frye.

4th of July is tomorrow and fireworks are legal in both Nebraska and South Dakota this time of year but what kind of safety precautions should be taken?

Firework users are encouraged to keep the explosives on the ground before lighting the fuse and keeping water on hand is highly suggested.

But Barber said one danger is often overlooked during this holiday weekend.

"Avoid alcohol and fireworks. It's easier said than done. As you know, a lot of drinking goes on with a lot of the fireworks. They don't mix. So, it'd probably be good to keep that cool," said Barber.

By following these simple steps you can ensure that your firework is experience is both safe and fun.
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