Flight 232 Exhibit Unveiled in Sioux City

    A new memorial was unveiled at the Mid-American Museum of Aviation and transportation earlier today--and it caused some mixed emotions. "We go back to, also, the fact that this building has been open for 4-years. I cannot recall a single week during that time period when we haven't had at least one person come in through the front door asking specifically about Flight 232," said Museum Director Larry Finley. The new display is a dedication to Flight 232 and contains both an exhibit and Reflection Garden. The garden has 112 evergreens and fountain grasses in remembrance of those who were lost on that fateful day. Members of the Remembering Flight 232 25th Anniversary Committee were in attendance to talk about the unveiling. "There's a line of trees and bushes that is going to grow up to be a great area is protecting the runway where it hit the groundguests can go out and reflect across runway 2-2," said Committee Chair Pam Mickelson. July 19th will mark the 25th anniversary of the plane crash that Sioux City is known for. This exhibit is an honor to those that were lost and those whose lives were forever changed. "I think it's a reflection of the community's involvement 25-years ago in the rescue of the people on flight 232 and it's a reflection of the community's involvement to the dedication to improving emergency services and the type of response that we have and the need for an educational facility for information about flight 232," said Finley. Even though it's been 25-years since the loss of all those people, their memory and story lives on.


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