Habitat for Humanity Celebrates Completion of Latest Sioux City Home

Thanks to volunteer hours, efforts, and donations, one Siouxland family will have the chance for a better lifestyle.

Siouxland Habitat for Humanity will have a house warming party on Sunday for the Ramirez family. One of the biggest misconceptions about how the program works is that their beautiful new home certainly wasn't free.

They qualified for this opportunity after taking classes on how to manage a home, being able to pay the mortgage rates, and put in around 500 hours of work in helping to construct the home.

Habitat calls this "sweat-equity."

"Our families... they put in so much work in order to get their homes. They're appreciative throughout the whole process, but you can just see the relief on their face when they get something that they've worked toward. Versus it being a handout," said Habitat for Humanity of Siouxland Executive Director Katie Roberts.

Funds from the no-interest mortgage will be used to help build new homes as well.

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