Missing Umbrella Cockatoo Reward Being Offered

A local Siouxland resident has not lost hope in finding her Umbrella Cockatoo named "Popcorn" Popcorns owner Karen Laass has not given up in locating her beloved cockatoo who went missing on April 29, 2013. She believes someone in South Sioux City may have found him and kept him. Karen has posted pictures of popcorn all over town, in the newspaper and frequently on Craigslist. Karen had a very special bond with Popcorn and is hopeful one day she will be reunited with him. The bond bird owners and their "fids" feathered kids develop is unlike any other - I have had dogs and cats, but bonding with a bird I guess is akin to imprinting" said Laass. Popcorn is "12-14" tall and 16-18" from beak to end of tail. All white with some yellow visible underneath his wing feathers. Very friendly, says some words, barks, sings "Staying Alive." Residents west of the South Sioux City high school reported they allegedly spotted Popcorn in their yards last August. Both were confident it was a cockatoo by its size and it appeared to both it was someone's pet. It very likely was Popcorn as it was the same neighborhood adjacent to the river where the incident occurred. Karen is offering a $1,000 reward for the safe return of Popcorn no questions asked. If you have any information about Popcorn you can contact Karen at 908-246-6262.
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