New Sioux Center Hospital A Community Wide Effort

You probably wouldn't drive a car that's more than 60 years old, but would you go to a hospital that's been around for just as many years?

That advanced age is just part of the reason folks in Sioux Center were celebrating Thursday, because a new hospital is on the way.

Right now an empty field east of Sioux Center, Iowa doesn't look like much, but it's set to become the brand new Sioux Center Community Hospital & Health Center Avera.

"It's hard to believe that we've been planning since 2006," said Stan Speer, the hospital's Board President.

The new hospital will be more than 100,000 sq. ft. of modern medicine, set to improve rural health care and be up to date with the way surgery has changed.

"We used to be 75% in-patient and 25% out-patient," said Speer. "And now that's flip-flopped, now we're 75% out-patient."

The hundreds of people who showed up for the groundbreaking were celebrating for a reason.

The new hospital will cost just under $50 million, and those folks helped raise nearly a fourth of that cost.

"We set a pretty aggressive campaign goal for a community of 7,000 people to try to raise $12 million for this project is pretty audacious," said Kayleen Lee, CEO of the Sioux Center Hospital & Health Center Avera. "And we are at 10-and-a-half million that has been raised thus far."

A brand new hospital is on the way, all because a community came together.

Construction on the new Sioux Center Community Hospital & Health Center Avera should be finished sometime near the end of 2013.

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