Occupy Wall Street Hits Sioux City

(SIOUX CITY, IA) Sioux City joins the Occupy Wall Street movement. A small group of supporters will stake out Saturday in downtown Sioux City.

Protests have been going on for more than a month. A group of about 20 people put one together here saying Sioux City should be a part of the Wall Street message, too.

Americans are speaking out, using their first amendment rights. Even across the state in Des Moines, IA.

For some cities, demonstrations broke out in violence. Supporters in Siouxland want to stand their ground with dignity.

"It's a very calm and relaxed city that's definitely not like the bigger cities where people get so up tight and angry at each other. There's a lot of love in this city," said Occupy Sioux City organizer, Tony Axtell.

Supporters of the Wall Street movement said protesting has a purpose.

"Martin Luther King. He walked the streets in protests to get civil liberties for black people in America. Women's live movement. They protested so they can be able to vote and get equal rights as well...Absolutely, I think this can work," said Axtell.

Not everyone thinks these protests have a point.

"I agree with some aspects of it but some aspects, I think people stretch opinions to the way they want them to be so that they get more people to agree and join up," said Lisa Johnson.

"I frankly don't think that they've refined their views yet but they're trying to establish a dialogue," said Jim Rocklin. "They're trying to get some talking points and maybe engage the legislators on the micro level to get the attention of the macro legislative body to do something constructive to help all of us."

Occupy Sioux City has a permit to protest Saturday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the downtown main library parking lot.

If anyone wants to speak at the protest, there will be a sign-up sheet. You can also expect some live music.

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