Presidential Preparations: Obama is Coming to Sioux City

With The Commander in Chief making a campaign stop in Sioux City Saturday, local volunteers are working hard to rally supporters for the event. Tickets for the event at Morningside College are being handed out tomorrow morning, and campaign volunteers worked all day to get the word out.

The Obama campaign office in Sioux City has never been so busy. And team leader, Joan Tozier says, excitement is mounting for the President's arrival.

"We've had many people coming in today saying, can I get the tickets early, will you save me some, so people are very excite," She said.

And of course Joan says, they don't take bribes even though they've had some offers. But you can line up to get the free tickets. They're being handed out on a first come, first serve basis starting tomorrow morning at 8 AM.

And that means, preparations for President Obama's arrival are in full gear, and employees here at Morningside College are tying to figure out where they're going to put the President for his speech.

"We're pretty used to having political candidates on campus. During the lead up to the Iowa caucus we had several candidates on campus, but of course having the President of the United States on campus sort of ratchets it up several levels," said, Rick Wollman, the Vice President of Communications at Morning side College.

And even though college officials just found out about the visit on Tuesday, they're making the rally a top priority.

"We've been working closely with his advance team and with the secret service and cooperating with them in any way we can to help with the event," Wollman said.

And Republicans in town hope the President's appearance will get Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to Sioux City in the near future.

"That would be great, we'd love that. But I'm pretty sure they're going to make a couple of stops, or a few stops, in Iowa. Iowa's such a swing state, again, this election, I'd be surprised if they didn't," said Rick Roscovius, the Siouxland Tea Party Chair.

Tickets for the Obama rally are available at either of the local campaign offices.

Here are both of those addresses:

4106 Morningside Ave

Sioux City, IA

(515) 227-1772


    520 14th Street

    Sioux City, IA

    (712) 355-2053

    And we'll be covering the visit live on the air and online, So make sure you tune in.

    Reporter, Heather Leigh, can be reached at or on facebook at

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