Rep. Steve King on the Campaign Trail

    (LE MARS/SIOUX CENTER, IA) Representative Steve King, who's running for re-election in Iowa's 4th Congressional District, made a few campaign stops today.

    We caught up with him in Le Mars and Sioux Center, where he spoke about gun control, the Farm Bill and Missouri Rep. Todd Akin's comments about rape and abortion.

    King says he didn't want to give his thoughts on Akin's comment because he wasn't sure of the context of the remark. He did, however, say he supports Akin's character.

    "Todd Akin is a strong Christian man, with a wonderful family," King said.

    That's how Congressman King sees Todd Akin. But Akin's comment about rape had both Democrats and Republicans asking him to drop out of the Missouri Senate race on Monday.

    Akin told a reporter that pregnancies from rape are "really rare" and suggested rape victims are less likely to get pregnant.

    King says, instead of focusing on one phrase, and turning it into a national issue, voters should focus on the big picture.

    "I think this election should be about, how did Todd Akin vote and what did he vote for and what did he stand for and in this case, I'm seeing the same thing, petty personal attacks substituting for strong policy," he said.

    King supports the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act." It would ban Federal funding of abortions except in cases of forcible rape. Right now, Medicaid also covers abortions for victims of statutory rape or incest - for example, a 12 year old who gets pregnant.

    Congressman King says he's not aware of any young victims like that.

    "Well I just haven't heard of that being a circumstance that's been brought to me in any personal way, and I'd be open to discussion about that subject matter," he said.

    While abortion was the talk of Washington, folks in Le Mars and Sioux Center were concerned with other issues, like gun control, the economy and the Farm Bill. King says he's pushing to get that bill passed.

    "I'd like to see this not be a political bill, I'd like to see this be a bill that's good for agriculture, especially up here in the Corn Belt."

    King says he feels confident about the race against his opponent Christie Vilsack.

    "Well it feels pretty good, everywhere we've been it feels good, I've been to all 39 counties, to most of the towns by now and people know where I stand, and they don't know where she stands," he said.

    King also mentioned he will continue the fight to repeal Obamacare, because he says it's unaffordable and not sustainable.

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