Report Names Sioux City on Top 10 List for Places to Find a Job

A new report lists Sioux City as one of the top 10 places in the nation to find a job.
And in a tough job market nationwide, where even the competition to earn a promotion is hard, this may be good news for Siouxland's unemployed.
But while that may be positive, there are some drawbacks to the type of jobs you're likely to find on the list.

Regardless of that fact, officials are proud to be listed as number 7 on that list. "We know that its going to be a very interesting and dynamic time in our community and for people to say there are opportunities here in Sioux City-to rank us in the top ten for that is very very positive because we need people to come to our community. We have jobs to fill, but we also recognize that will be challenging times moving forward as more and more people come to look for employees," said Siouxland Chamber of Commerce Director Chris McGowan. This recognition of Sioux City goes hand in hand with the recent decrease in local unemployment to nearly 3 percent, according to the same report, which is in comparison to nearly 7 percent nationally.
McGowan says overall the numbers are a good sign and the local economy is booming, but you still have to dig a little deeper to understand the job market here.
And so Siouxland News did exactly just that. While the applications for job openings may be easier to come by in Sioux City, recruiters and experts admit these positions aren't always the best for a career or a living wage. "I would say the majority of our jobs are unskilled," said Kelly Conolly, the vice president of J&L Enterprises, a staffing and recruiting office that helps pair up applicants for the right employer. "They are entry-level and unskilled positions where hopefully you can move up within a company and make more money but to provide a living for a family... um they're really not designed for that." Nonetheless, with the local growth of several industries and corporate chains, recruiters and career counselors are hopeful that both unskilled and skilled workers can find jobs here at home.
Among other cities listed include Des Moines, coming in at number four for having the most jobs available.
Many of the jobs in Des Moines, like those in Sioux City, are in the fields of Transporation and Logistics; Customer Service; and Manufacturing and Production.
The total list of top cities include the following:1. Cheyenne, WY 2. San Jose, CA 3. Manchester, NH 4. Des Moines, IA 5. Champaign, IL6. Lawton, OK7. Sioux City, IA8. Jackson, TN 9. Harrisburg, PA10.San Francisco, CA

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