Restoring Native Prairie on Sioux City's West Side

Conservationists are working to restore an area of native prairie on Sioux City's West Side.

A crew from the Iowa Conservation Corps is working on the Riverside Bluffs Prairie near West 19th Street.

Their work is being supervised and paid for by the Woodbury County Conservation Foundation.

They'll be in town until Thursday, removing invasive species like dogwood, sumac and cedar trees, as well as honeysuckle and buckthorn on the site... in order to help the native prairie grasses.

"It's important for some of the species that we have that are found on the prairie. We have some fairly rare native plants that are found here. It something we want try to preserve for people in the future to know what Iowa once looked like," said Mark Peterson, Deputy Director, Woodbury County Conservation Board.

Anyone who wants to volunteer to help can call the Woodbury County Conservation Board and talk to the volunteer coordinator.

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