Sheltering in Stormy Times - Part Two

    On Wednesday, we showed you how a northwest Iowa farmer is helping people across the country rebuild their lives after a disaster. On Thursday night, in part two of her special report, Jetske Wauran tells us about an Oklahoma couple whose lives were devastated by a tornado, who don't know what they would have done without his help.Faye Head and her husband Don felt hopeless. But after living in one of Bless You Inc.'s Trailers for the last year and a half, the couple is starting a new chapter in their life.This is their story, "Trees were really broken that bad and it blew our car port over from our old trailer," said Faye Head of Newalla, Oklahoma. "Big piece of machinery cut a path through there," Faye remembered. May 19th, 2013, when an EF5 monster tornado ripped through her hometown of Newalla, Oklahoma, leaving Faye and her husband, Don, devastated. But it didn't take long for Bless You Inc. President, Duane Drost to come to their rescue, bringing them a trailer. "That was really a blessing to us to have a camper to live in during that time," said Faye. A time she says that could not be possible without the help of Bless You Inc. and Joshua Foundation. "Don and Faye were the first to two to get the RVs once they came into our possession," said Skip Cannon, Founder of the Joshua Foundation. Thanks to both Bless You Inc., Joshua Foundation and hundreds volunteers in the Newalla, Oklahoma area. The couple now lives a in a brand new home. "Pardon the mess, we haven't had time to do anything yet," apologized Faye. Don and Faye say it'll take some time for them to adjust to a wider living space. "The dining area right here. Second bedroom. One of our bathrooms. We have a really a nice home here," Faye said while giving a short tour of their new home. And that's not all for the new homeowners. "We got volunteers coming in March to help lace some saw and things like that so we're still working it all together but it takes a lot of people," said Cannon. "Skip's been a good friend you know. He's done a lot to encourage us and a lot of things that he's done, we appreciate it, a lot of things," said Donald Head. The couple says, moving in a day before Valentine's Day might've been a coincidence, but it's a sorry of love that never ends. "Really a good feeling to be in our own home again," said Faye. Now, Don and Faye say they plan to have house warming party in the near future.If you would like to make a monetary donation, you can make checks payable to Bless You Inc and send to: Duane Drost, 2272 140th Ave. Milford, IA 51351.For more information, visit


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