Sioux City Art Center Hosts Siouxland Film Festival

    It was a big night at the Sioux City Art Center where the 11th Annual Siouxland Film Festival kicked-off with International and Art genre films. Rick Mullin is member of the Board for the Film Festival, and he says this is a unique showcase. "We're very excited to have International and Art-house films. We've never done this before, having just one kind of film or genre, and it's exciting to be here at the Art Center. We're getting all sorts of people here, some of whom have never been here before," said Mullin. Filmmakers from all over the country were in attendance, including some from North Carolina and even two sisters from Paris, France showcased their film. "It's really, really exciting. Really exciting! It's wonderful and we're really honored to be here. This is our first time in Iowa. So, it's wonderful. Wonderful," said Sarah and Emilie Barbault. The Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs also had a representative from its Media Production Office in attendance. Liz Gilman says Sioux City has really embraced its artistic side. "Well, I mean it's great. Here I am standing in a room where I can see the Pollock Mural, and I have two ladies from France who flew over for a world premiere, and I just met two other guys from North Carolina who are here for a world premiere. So, it's a great time for Sioux City," said Produce Iowa's Gilman. And if you missed any of tonight's activities, not to worry. Rick Mullin says the festival is just getting started. "Well, for more information you can go to, but we hope to see folks come out on Friday at the Sioux City Public Museum where we showing Horror and Sci-Fi and fantasy films. On Saturday, we'll be at the Orpheum at 2:00 and 7:00 showing general release films, plus tonight's and tomorrow's films." For anyone interested in attending the film festival over the weekend, tickets are still available for adults at $5 per ticket. Children 12 & under enter for free.


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