Sioux City Police and Fire Headquarters Needs Renovations

Sioux City's Police and Fire Headquarters Building downtown is in need of some repairs: about $3.5 million dollars worth.

The building at 601 Douglas was built nearly 30 years ago. Over that time it's been in use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In that time, the roof has started leaking in several areas, even after numerous attempts to patch it; metal panels on the outside have started to rust from the inside out; mold is developing in the walls; and an inefficient boiler heating system constantly needs maintenance.

"Our building looks very nice from street view... from 50 feet away," said Police Capt. Mel Williams. "And most of the problems we're having are things that aren't visible, visible. Because they're systems that actually operate the building, make the building function. There's a lot of issues with this building. We believe that if we fix those we can get another 25 to 30 years' life out of this building. If we don't, it's going to create issues for our employees. And for the ability of the building to stay up."

Williams says all of the items being repaired or updated are vital to the structure and function of the building, and are not for cosmetic purposes, and after the updates operational costs should go down significantly because of improved efficiency.

The City is hiring a firm to asess those needs.

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