Visiting Doctors Online With Virtual Care

    "We selected MD Live. It's been around for a long time and has a good reputation on the market so we chose to partner with them, versus try to build our own platform," said Chad Markham, Vice President of Clinics and Network Development. Virtual Care covers minor health conditions, quickly and conveniently. "So you can go to Unity Point Health's website, and access a virtual care visit there," said Markham. The app is available for any one ages three and up. Allergies, asthma, ear ache, cough, pink eye, rashes and even urinary tract infections are some examples of what can be covered under the virtual care app. "Virtual care appointments are by phone and then some are video you have the choice actually when you dial in," said Markham. We all live pretty busy lives, but with the help of the new virtual app service, you can connect with your doctor at the convenience of your very own home. "And help you, with education and perhaps a prescription so that you feel better. It's helpful for people who can't get away or perhaps their healthcare providers are too far away," said a Virtual Care representative. The app is available 24, 365 days a year, including overnights and even holidays. "They've got a chance to dial in and talk to a provider, get the health care attention they need," said Markham. "And then also if there's something additionally wrong with them, and they need to have a face to face visit with the provider, the virtual care visit can help them determine that and then help them make that decision. But for children under the age of 3, are recommended to meet with their primary care provider in person. This app is available to anyone, so you don't have to be a Unity Point patient. However if you are patient, your medical records will be saved. "I think, it'll open up a wider array of patients to be able to access Unity point clinic and hopefully, associate them with a primary care doctor," said Dr. Jeffrey Zoelle, Family Medicine. "And also gives established patients great options for care."


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