Jefferson Award: Bob and Denise Holsinger

Jefferson Award: Bob and Denise Holsinger

Each month, we here at Siouxland News teams up with Seaboard Triumph Foods to present a local volunteer with a Jefferson Award.

Tonight, we're introducing you a Siouxland couple who has spent nearly two decades, working to make sure every Siouxland kid has a Merry Christmas.

17 years ago, Bob and Denise Holsinger followed their passion. They started Toys for Tots in Siouxland.

"I love it. It's helping the children that don't get toys," said Denise Holsinger.

"We don't do it for the recognition, we do it for the community. Give back to the community," said Bob Holsinger.

And what began with only seven only people, has now expanded to nearly 50 volunteers lending a helping hand to the annual toy drive.

"It's just amazing that all these volunteers come down here every year, year after year. Every year we get more people, different people. It's nice to see their faces," said Denise Holsinger.

Toys for Tots of Siouxland is non-profit organization collects thousands of new and unwrapped toys for kids across Siouxland.

"People are unemployed, that's what we're here for, to make sure that their children have a nice Christmas," said Bob Holsinger.

Bob, a US Marines Veteran and Denise have spearheaded the campaign, distributing to more than 60,000 kids across the area since they started.

"I know that a child is getting a new doll or a set of dishes or a new truck, a kitchen set and they're going to be happy for one day, if not one day, a week," said Denise Holsinger.

"I think it's nice because some kids don't have toys and their homeless so Toys for Tots helps people every year," said Isabella Moreno, a volunteer.

Their goal is not only to deliver a toy, but a deliver a message of hope, to less fortunate kids.

"Toys for Tots is a great business because some kids don't have Christmas," said Krystina Kunkel, a volunteer.

"They just put out everything they got unselfishly," said Curtis Stoever, the person who nominated the Holsingers.

"Bob and Denise are the ring leaders here," said Kathy Moreno, Commandant for the Siouxland Marine Corps League.

Motivated by giving back to the community, the Holsingers say, they love helping these kids and seeing their smiles is simply priceless.

"I thank all the volunteers because without them it wouldn't have been possible for Denise and I to receive this award," said Bob Holsinger.

This year, Toys for Toys served more than 600 families through 7 agencies, and 2,750 children total.

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