Jefferson Award: Breezy Struthers- Drake

Jefferson Award: Breezy Struthers- Drake

Each month, Siouxland News teams up with Seaboard Triumph Foods to give a local volunteer a "Jefferson Award."

This is a special way to recognize people in our community dedicated to public service.

This month, we introduce to you to a board member for Projects for Patriots and her contribution to help transform the living conditions for a local wounded veteran.

A mom, an entrepreneur, and a volunteer. Sioux City native, Breezy Struthers-Drake has a passion for life and purpose to serve others.

Devoting not only time and effort for her dreams, but her time and effort to help the dreams of others come true and that's what happened in October 2015, when she started Projects for Patriots, a non project organization "to improve the living conditions" for injured veterans and their families.

"Through seeing that there was an unmet need for a combat wounded veteran in the Siouxland area, so that's when we started Projects for Patriots," said Struthers-Drake.

They helped veterans like Todd Landen, a purple heart Army veteran wounded in combat whose Sioux City home underwent a 6-month renovation thanks to the help of hundreds of volunteers and countless man hours by Projects for Patriots.

"We made everything handicap accessible and we actually added an elevator to their home so the was able to get in and out so that whenever he goes to the hospital that he can actually take care of him and get there to and fro," said Struthers-Drake.

"Everybody contributed so heavily with their expertise you know. The Board of Directors is comprised of business men and contractors,"said Steve Struthers, President of Board of Directors for Projects for Patriots.

Breezy believes giving back to these veterans is rewarding, a great enhancement for their quality of life.

"We all work together. It wasn't a solitary act by any means, so everybody deserves the recognition here," said Struthers.

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